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Remote Teaching and Accessibility

When providing your content online it is important to make that content as accessible and inclusive as possible. Making sure your content is accessible will also make your content more usable and  mobile-friendly for all students.

Help is Available! If you would like help making your course content more inclusive for your summer or fall courses, please let us know and we would be happy to help! 

If you have a student with a disability in your course who is receiving accommodations, the Disability Resource Center will reach out to let you know of any specific requirements. However, it is also important to remember there may be other students in your course who will require accessible content. There are a variety of resources and tools available to help you.

Course Accessibility Report

An accessibility report is available in every Canvas course. You can add the “Accessibility Report” from the course navigation links in your course or contact and we will enable it for you. The Accessibility Report gives you an overview of all of your content and what you can do to improve your content accessibility.

Ally Accessibility Feedback Tool

For every file in your course there is a small symbol next to it that you can click on that to get feedback on what to do to improve the accessibility of that file. Contact if you need help making any files accessible. 

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USU Accessibility Services

We have a team that is available at 435-797-5535 or to answer any questions or provide support in making your content available.

Document Accessibility Course

We have an opportunity during this time for anyone on campus to participate in an online document accessibility course so you can learn how to create inclusive online documents. 

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Additional Resources