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Lecture Recording

Whether you have decided to record your lectures because you are moving a class fully online, "flipping" your class, or you want to provide student access to a lecture you gave in class, you have a few options for getting the recording done:

  • Kaltura is USU's primary media management portal, which offers a freely available lecture capture system that can be used in a live classroom or from your desktop computer. You can learn more about Kaltura here.
  • Camtasia is a lecture-capture software that is installed in the on-campus audio/lecture capture recording studio and can also be purchased and installed on your desktop computer for around $100. You can learn more about how to use Camtasia here.
  • Loom is a screen recording service that allows you to keep a library of up to 25 videos for free.
  • Zoom can be used to meet synchronously with your students, with the option to record the session for students to view on their own time. 
To learn more about any of these options, schedule a constulation with an instructional designer or sign up for the workshop below.


Schedule an appointment with a CIDI team member for help using lecture recording in your class.

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