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Turnitin: Plagiarism Detection

Turnitin is a software program that helps you identify potential instances of plagiarism. It does this by matching text from a student assignment to a database of outside sources. You can enable Turnitin in Canvas as an External Tool submission type. Students submit their assignments through the Turnitin dialog box on the Canvas assignment page.

Major changes to the Canvas/Turnitin integration for Spring 2017

Recently Turnitin announced an upcoming change to the manner in which their tool integrates with Canvas, effective January 2017. The new integration allows instructors to create Turnitin assignments in Canvas using an external tool. This new method still integrates with the Canvas gradebook and SpeedGrader, although the user experience for teachers and students differs slightly from standard Canvas assignments. The new integration adds more Turnitin functionality to Canvas, including options for advanced peer review

 Click here for a side-by-side comparison of the old vs. new integration.


Meet with an Instructional Designer

If you need help setting up Turnitin within your Canvas course or transitioning assignments from the original Turnitin integration to the new, you may call CIDI directly at 435.797.9506, email us at, or set up an appointment with an instructional designer.


We are also offering workshops to assist faculty with the new Turnitin integration. These will be provided in webinar format.

Learn what changes have been implemented in Canvas with respect to Turnitin and best practices on when and how to use it in your courses.


Event Name Start Date/Time End Date/Time Location
Turnitin, TBA TBA TBA Online
Turnitin, TBA TBA TBA Online
Turnitin, TBA TBA TBA Online