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Media Gallery Analytics


Adding media to a course Media Gallery makes it possible for you to get aggregate analytical data on the media included in the gallery.

To see playback details for course videos:

  1. Click on the Media Gallery link in your Canvas course.
  2. Click on
    1. Channel Actions icon in the top, right-hand corner.
    2. Choose Analytics from the menu.
      channel actions button clicked with analytics option highlighted
  3. At this point you can view, export, filter the results. Here is a sample data page.
    Media Gallery analytics page showing highlights, page views, top videos, top viewers, and additional information


Definitions from Kaltura's Knowledge Center

  • Highlights - Displays a snapshot of the important metrics for the selected timeframe.
  • Top videos - Displays the top 3 engaging videos for the selected timeframe. The top engaging videos are selected based on a unique algorithm that take into consideration the number of plays, unique viewers, and view period of the video.
  • Insights - Displays interesting data points about engagement in your account.
  • Number of Player Impressions - Number of times the video was loaded on the webpage or in the course
  • Number of plays - Number of times users clicked play to watch a video
  • Number of unique viewers - number of authenticated viewers, all anonymous viewers will be counted as a single viewer
  • Number of minutes viewed - Total duration of video watched by viewers
  • Average drop off rate - measured by viewer reaching playback quartiles
    • 25 per cent play-through – The number of plays that reached 25% of the video
    • 50 per cent play-through – The number of plays that reached 50% of the video
    • 75 per cent play-through – The number of plays that reached 75% of the video
    • 100 per cent play-through – The number of plays that reached 100% of the video
    • (Not included in the bar chart below) Play-through Ratio – The percentage of completed plays. The number of 100% play-throughs divided by the total number of plays.

More details about the dashboard can be found on Kaltura's Knowledge Center page, User Analytics.