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Kaltura Classroom: Record an HDMI Source (Laptop or Document Camera) for Lecture Capture in USU Classroom

You may want to use a laptop, tablet, or document camera while teaching your class. In order to record the screen or output of that device, you'll need to select the capture source on the classroom touch panel. See appropriate section below for the classroom from which you are recording.

Tip: If you are using a tablet, the tablet will need to be plugged in to the instructor podium using an HDMI cable. (AirMedia may be an option in some classrooms.)

General Broadcast Classrooms

  1. Open displays page (usually found above the volume on the main screen)
  2. Tap Capture, then select source that needs to be recorded.

    Screen Type 1
    screenshot of touch panel showing the displays screen with capture and document camera highlighted
    Screen Type 2
    screenshot of classroom touch panel with capture and laptop highlighted

Distance Education Building, room 013

  1. Open the Displays page.
  2. Drag the source that needs to be recorded into the PC Capture 2 place holder.
    Screenshot of touch panel in DE 013 showing the custom video layout page with the source being dragged to the PC Capture 2 position

Huntsman Hall Classrooms

  1. Open Custom Layouts.
  2. Go to the Custom Video Switch page.
  3. Drage the source that needs to be recorded into the “PC Capture/Prog Audio” or “Avermedia Capture” place holders.
    screenshot of touch panel in Huntsman Hall classroom showing laptop source being dragged to Avermedia place holder