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Record a Class Lecture with Kaltura Classroom

Kaltura Classroom is software that allows you to easily record presentations that occur in a classroom. It is installed on all USU classroom computers and is capable of recording a classroom's camera feed, microphone, and computer desktop. 

Steps to record

  1. Login to the classroom computer and double-click on the Kaltura Classroom icon to open the recording application.
    kaltura classroom icon
    The Kaltura Classroom application opens, featuring a large red record button and a preview of audio and video inputs. The image below labels the key components of the interface. 

    Kaltura Classroom Application, featuring a large red recording button and a preview pane showing the primary and secondary video inputs and the audio input.
  2. Turn on the classroom microphone. In most classrooms, there is a lapel microphone either on top of the teaching console or in a console drawer. Turn it on and clip it to yourself.

    Picture of lapel microphone and transmitter.

  3. Check your audio and video feeds. Before you begin recording, Kaltura Classroom provides a preview of the primary video source, audio source, and secondary video source. 

    1. The primary video usually shows the classroom camera. You can click on the camera icon at the top of the preview to turn the primary video on or off, and you can click on the slider icon to choose a different camera source. 
    2. The audio indicator should show a bouncing bluish color as you test the microphone. This indicates that audio is being received. You can turn the audio off by clicking on the audio icon at the top of the audio indicator. You can adjust your audio source by clicking on the slider icon. 
    3. The secondary video, by default, is set to capture the computer screen. You can click on the computer screen icon at the top of the secondary video preview to turn the screen capture off. You can adjust the screen capture settings or select a different secondary video source by clicking on the slider icon.  (For an IVC class, be sure to click the screen capture settings to select the source or CF#### source, which will use whichever presentation source is currently selected.)

      Previews of primary video, audio, and secondary video sources.

  4. Click the large red Record button to begin recording. Do so only after you are confident that your video and audio settings are correct. 

    Large red Record button to begin a Kaltura classroom recording.
    The application will wait for a few seconds before recording begins to allow you time to transition on your screen to your content. 

  5. Minimize the Kaltura Classroom application and begin your presentation. Do not close the application until you have stopped the recording.

  6. Maximize the application and click the Stop icon when you are done recording. 

    recording in progress
  7. To save the recording, Enter your A number in the User Name field. Optionally, you can also change the title for the recording and give it a description and tags. 

  8. Click Save. The video is saved to your Kaltura media library. (It may take 2-12 hours for the video to process before it will show up in your My Media page.)

    Recording Complete screen, where the user account the video should be saved to is specified.
  9. View your video in My Media, within Canvas. Login to Canvas at and click your user profile image at the top right. 

    The My Media link is under the Canvas profile menu.
    The newly recorded video appears at the top of your media list. 

  10. To get the video to appear in a Canvas course, you must either: