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Media at USU

Making videos available in Canvas is basically a five step process.

Step 1: Access My Media

Open MyMedia

Step 2: Record

Record from Home or Office

Do you need to record your computer screen or a presentation? Choose desktop capture.

Just you? Choose express capture (from your computer) or record a video on your phone or other video recording device (use a tripod).

Desktop Capture

computer desktop showing recording options

Desktop Capture allows a user to record up to two video sources—computer screens and camera options—as well as a microphone. Additional software must be downloaded to make recordings.

Get more details on the Record a Presentation from Your Computer page.

Keystrokes to help your recording run smoothly.

Express Capture

record media window with preview video of professionally dressed female

Express Capture is an in-browser recording option for capturing camera and microphone. This is a quick way for instructors or students to record and share insights with the class.

Record using Express Capture

Video from Phone or Other Source

You can record video using your phone or another recording device and upload it to your My Media account. If the device has browser capabilities you can upload right from the device. Otherwise, you'll need to transfer the video to your computer to be able to upload it.

Record On-Campus

Classroom Capture (Kaltura Classroom)

Classroom Capture is software on select classroom instructor computers that allows faculty to record and publish regular class lectures.

Academic Media Productions Studios

You can record a desktop capture with audio in the Audio Studio (Logan, DE 101). Or, a media team member will record you with or without desktop capture in the Video Studio (Logan, DE 101). Media recorded in either studio will be uploaded to your MyMedia account so that you can publish or embed it, as you see fit.

Step 3: Upload

Desktop Capture or Express Capture

Both of these options will provide a prompt at the end of recording to upload. Be sure to keep the program or window open until the video has finished uploading.

Video Recorded on Phone or Other Device

Step 4: Wait for Processing

This usually takes between 1-2 times the duration of the video.

Step 5: Embed and/or Publish

Embed in a Canvas Page or Announcement

Publish to Media Gallery (a.k.a. class media collection)

The Media Gallery can be enabled in the course and you can publish all videos to the gallery so that students can view all course videos on one page. (This can be helpful if students are trying to review a specific topic.) In order to make videos available to students in the Media Gallery, you will need to:

  1. Enable the Media Gallery
  2. Publish video to a Media Gallery or Media Galleries (if you would like to use the video in more than one course)
  3. Direct students to the Media Gallery link on the left-hand navigation of the course to access videos


You may want to provide the link to the Kaltura Viewing Tips to students to help them know about the various viewing options.

Here are some other things you might want to do with videos in My Media.

Advanced My Media Features


Want students to submit videos?

Direct students to these guides to submit a video as an assignment or as part of an announcement.