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The My Media System at USU

The My Media System at Utah State University is your place to store, manage, and publish media for your classes. The My Media System is integrated with Canvas, so you can manage media from your Canvas account.

The USU My Media System consists of the My Media repository and course media galleries. As the following graphic illustrates, content from My Media can be shared (a procedure known as “publishing”) to one or more course media galleries.

USU My Media System

My Media is your private space to store media. You can access the My Media repository from your Canvas account.

Course media galleries are course-specific selections of content that you publish from My Media. You can publish media to one or more course media galleries. For example, in the above graphic Video G is only published in course 6310-LO1. However, video A is published to all three media galleries and videos B and C are only shared with courses 2010-001 and 2010-002.

Getting Started

The following diagram illustrates the basic steps to add content such as videos and graphics to a Canvas Course.


For instructions on using the My Media repository see, The USU My Media Repository.

For instructions on using course media galleries see, Course media galleries.