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Embed Playlist in Canvas Page

After you create a video playlist, you are ready to embed it into a Canvas page.

  1. If you aren't already there, go to the Media Gallery in your Canvas course.

  2. Click on the Channel Actions button and select Edit from the drop-down menu.
    Media Gallery page with Channel Actions button clicked and Edit button highlighted.
  3. Click on the Playlists tab.
    Edit Media Gallery page with Playlists tab highlighted
  4. Next to the title of the playlist you want to embed, click on the embed icon in the Actions column.

    Playlists page with embed highlighted next to the name of a playlist
  5. A new window will pop-up. First, select the display you prefer (either horizontal or vertical), then click Copy Embed. This will copy the embed code to your computer's clipboad so that you are ready to paste it. Click Done.
    playlist embed code screen
  6. Navigate to the location (page, assignment, announcement, etc.) in your Canvas course where you want the playlist to appear and edit the description of that item.

  7. With your cursor in the location where you want the playlist to appear, click on the Insert menu, then click on Embed.
    editing page in Canvas with the insert menu expanded and the embed option highlighted
  8. Paste (ctrl+v on PC or command+v on Mac) the embed code that you copied in step 5 above. Then, click on the Submit button.
    embed code pasted and submit button highlighted
  9. The playlist will appear on the page. You can continue to edit the content or Save the changes.