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Edit Video Captions

Once your My Media videos have captions, you can easily edit them to correct any typos or ensure that the technical terms used in the video are correct. Follow the below instructions to edit captions in your videos:

  1. Begin by opening My Media.
  2. Find the video that you would like to work on and click the edit icon: 

    Next to each video in the video list there is a pencil icon you can click to edit the video.
  3. From the Edit page, click on the "Captions" tab and then click the "Eddit Captions" button:

    Captions tab below the video followed by the Edit Captions button
  4. You are now in the Closed Captions Editor where you can click on the text to begin editing: 

    Captions editor interface showing the ability to edit text when you click in a text box
    Besides the ability to edit text you can also search for specific text, search and replace the text through the caption file, or add a speaker. 
  5. Be sure to click "Save" when finsihed! 

Contact if you encounter any problems or need additional help when editing captions.