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Assign MyMedia Video to Another User

To assign (re-assign) a video within your MyMedia to a different user (likely from one instructor to another instructor), do the following:

  1. Access MyMedia by clicking on the user icon in Canvas, then clicking on My Media from the menu.
  2. Click on the pencil icon next to the name of the video you want to assign (re-assign) to someone else.
    Edit video
  3. Click on the Collaboration tab.
  4. Click on the Change media owner button.
    Change media owner
  5. Do a search for the A number or name of the person to whom you want to reassign the video. When the name appears below the search bar, click on the person's name. Then, click on the Save button.
    User Search and Save
    If the user does not show up with an A number or name search, he or she will need to go to and click on the Guest link then login with A number and strong password. You will be able to reassign the video to the person the following day.
  6. The video will disappear from your list and appear on the other user's list. If you want to share the video with the other user, see Share MyMedia Video Permissions with Another User.