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Record a Presentation on Your Computer


You can use the Kaltura CaptureSpace tool to record a presentation on your computer (computer requirements) and make it available in your Canvas course.

To record a presentation from your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Open My Media
  2. On the My Media page, click Add New, and then click Desktop Capture.
    MyMedia add new drop-down menu with Desktop Capture selected

    The first time you select this option...

    You will be prompted to download and install the Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder. Download the version appropriate for your computer (Windows or Mac) and go through the installation process.
    Using CaptureSpace for the first timeClose the Embed Media window (agree when asked if you really want to do so).

    If you are recording on a Mac with Catalina OS 10.15 see Screen Recording on Mac OS 10.15 for an additional setting adjustment.

    Go back to Canvas and refresh the page to repeat Step 2.

  3. The browser will prompt you to open KalturaCapture. Click Open Kaltura Capture.

    Open KalturaCapture(You can check the "Always open these type of links in the associated app" box to avoid this dialog in the future.)
    The following video clip will walk you through the process of recording.

  4. In the Kaltura Capture app, select or deselect the sources (your webcam, mic, and screen) you want to record. A blue icon indicates that device will be recorded. A gray icon with a line through it means that device will not be recorded.
    COVID-19 Recordings: With such a high volume of videos being recorded at this time, we encourage you to only record and upload one video stream. If you are recording your screen, bypass recording your camera. This will improve the upload time of your videos. If you want your students to see your face for a portion of the lecture, split it up into segments—one video of just your camera, one of your screen, then another of your camera. You can put those videos together in a playlist for students to view.
    Kaltura Capture app with webcam disabled
    Clicking on the arrow next to the device will provide options for that device.
    Kaltura Capture desktop recording options

    Microphone Recommendations for At-Home Recording

    If you are going to be recording lectures from home (or your office), you might want to consider investing in an external microphone to improve the sound quality. You may already have one around your house in the form of a gaming headset or cell phone headphones with a microphone. If not, here are some suggestions from our Media Productions team. (The links below go to Amazon, but it may be faster to locate similar products through other retailers.)

    Headset Microphones

    Desktop Microphones

    When using an external microphone, you'll need to remember to select it as the microphone to be used during recording. USB microphones don't automatically adjust the volume, so you will want to test with it to make sure the volume is properly adjusted before beginning your recording. You can muffle excess noises using cloth i.e. blankets, extra clothes, etc.

    The following video will walk you through the various recording options.
  5. When you are ready, click on the red dot to begin recording. You will see a clock in the bottom of the screen showing how much time has passed while recording. You can minimize the clock by clicking the line in the top, right of the window.
    Kaltura Capture with timer and minimize button
  6. Re-open the Kaltura Capture window from the dock and click on the square to stop the recording, then confirm by clicking on Yes, Stop it.
    Kaltura Capture stop recording
    For best results: Keep recordings from 10–15 minutes in length. This will help with your upload time and will make it easier for students to find specific content for reference. You can put several videos together in a playlist.
  7. Preview the recording and enter the title, description, and course information (in the tag field). Then, click on the Save & Upload button. (If you click on Save, the video will be saved to your computer. You can access your recordings from the Manage link on the Kaltura Capture recorder.)
    Recording details
  8. Wait while the upload progress bar finishes by reaching 100%.
    Kaltura Recording upload progress
  9. After you have uploaded the video, it will appear on your My Media page in Canvas. You can now embed your video into a Canvas page or publish media to the course Media Gallery.