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Publish Media to a Course Media Gallery


Videos from your My Media library can be published to a course media gallery, where they are visible to students in the course. 

To share videos through a course media gallery, you need to first enable the Media Gallery in the course. Then you have two options to publish videos to the gallery. One is to add videos from within the gallery itself. The other is to publish to one or more course galleries at once from your My Media list.

Option 1: Add Videos from Within the Gallery

  1. Open the Media Gallery from the Canvas navigation link. 

  2. Click the Add Media button from within the gallery.
    Click the Add Media button to add a video to the media gallery.
  3. Your My Media library with all of your videos appears. Check the box next to the videos you wish to add.

  4. Click Publish. The videos are then added to the Media Gallery.
    Check the box next to the videos you want to add, then click the publish button.



Option 2: Publish videos to one or more media gallery from My Media.

  1. In Canvas, go to My Media by clicking the My Media link in your Canvas profile menu.
    My Media link under Canvas profile menu
  2. Select the media to publish by checking the box next to the media.

  3. Click Actions, and then click Publish.
    Publish selected videos
  4. On the My Media page, click Published.

  5. In the Publish in Gallery list, select the course media galleries to publish to.
    Select the galleries to publish to
  6. Click Save

Note: Publishing a video to a course media gallery is different than embedding a video in a course page.