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Embed a Video in a Canvas Page 

To embed a video recording in a Canvas course page, follow these instructions.

  1. On the Canvas page (or assignment instructions, announcement, or quiz), click Edit. This opens the page for editing in the Rich Content editor.

  2. On the toobar, click Embed Media.
    Depending on your browser or window size, it could be on the second row of options

    Embed Kaltura Media button

  3. An Embed Media window will open in front of your edit screen.

  4. If you have already uploaded and published the video, see "a" below. Otherwise, follow instructions in "b."

    1. Find the desired video in the list. Click on Select to embed the video onto the page and return to editing.

      Click the Embed button to embed a video.See Embed Video with Downloadable Player for instructions on how to allow students to download the video.

    2. At the top of the Embed Media window, follow these steps to Upload a Video to My Media. Then, click Back to Browse and Embed. Finally, click on Select next to the video you just uploaded.

  5. The video will appear on the Canvas page (or assignment instructions, announcement or quiz).

  6. On the course page, click Save.