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Create a video quiz 

You can add questions to a lecture or presentation to a video by creating a video quiz. This guide will take you through creating a video quiz and then creating a canvas assignment for the video quiz so it can be added to the gradebook.

To create a video quiz, follow these instructions.

  1. Open My Media.

  2. Click the Add New drop down, and then click Video Quiz.
    click add new drop down then video quiz
  3. In My Media, find the appropriate video and click Select.
    Select the video

  4. In the Video Quiz editor, at the bottom there is a timeline. To add a question drag the blue bar to the position in the video you would like to put the question in and click one of the three question types in the media window.
    Video Quiz editor showing blue bar in timeline
  5. Currently there are three options multiple choice, true/false and reflection point.

    Multiple Choice
    : the correct answer should be typed in the box with the green check next to it that says "Add the CORRECT Answer Here". Answers will appear in the same order for every student. To randomize answer choices, click on the double arrow icon at the top-left of the page. Answer options can also be re-ordered by clicking and dragging on the left-hand side of the answer choice to be moved. Click on the lightbulb icon to add a hint or explanation. 
    Multiple choice edit window
    True/False: Type your question where it says "Add a Questoin Here". The correct answer designated by white check on a green background; incorrect answer designated by a white x on a red background. Click the check mark or the x to change the answer.
    video quiz true false question entry window
    Reflection Point: will pause the video and the text you enter will appear on the screen.
    video quiz reflection point entry window
  6. Click Save.
    Note: Currently you are only able to add one question and any point in the video. Adding more than one question with less than ~5 seconds in between questions will result in the first question of the set getting skipped.
  7. After you have created a couple of questions, you can use the arrow buttons on either side of the play button to move to the previous and next question to make edits. The eye icon will allow you to preview the quiz.

  8. Locations of questions will appear above the timeline and can be clicked and dragged to make adjustments.

    drag blue hexigon icon to move question
  9. Click on the side-by-side rectangle icon to view and edit the quiz details, scoring, and experience during the quiz. Details allows you to show a customized welcome page, allow download of questions list and instructions. Scores allows to show or not to show scores and include answers. Experience allows to allow answers change, allow or don't allow skip, and no seeking forward.
    Menu showing details, scores, experience
  10. When everything is the way you want it click Done.

Creating a Canvas Assignment for Your Video Quiz

If you would like your video quiz to show up on the grade book you will need to embed it into an assignment.

  1. Create an new assignment in your canvas course.

  2. Important! Add a warning in the description for your students to complete the video quiz in one sitting. If they need to come back to the quiz later, they should refresh the page and start from the beginning.
  3. Now add the amount of points the quiz it worth. 
    points entry boxNote: Kaltura makes each question worth the same amount of points. (e.g. If the assignment is worth 20 points and you have 5 questions then Kaltura will make each one worth 4 points)

  4. Under Submission Type click external tool.
    submission type entry
  5. Click Find and scroll for Kaltura Video Quiz then click on the Magnifying Glass icon.
    kaltura video quiz in pop up box
  6. Locate appropriate video quiz from the list and click Embed.
    My Media
  7. It will take you back to Click Select
    Select button
  8. Add due date and availability information.
  9. Click Save. Then publish it the same as you would another assignment.