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Organize Content Using a Canvas Template


It's important for students to have an easy to follow, consistent experience in their online courses so they don't have to spend a lot of time figuring out where everything is located and how to navigate and access content. CIDI has developed templates to help you organize your course materials and provide a consistent experience for students across USU. You can easily import one into your Canvas course. The template will help you keep your course material organized and will provide you a great jumping off point for building the online components of your course.

Import a template

To import a template into your Canvas course, simply click on an empty Fall 2020 Canvas course and look for the option to import a course template at the top of the page. Currently, there are two templates to choose from: a robust “visual” template and a more simplified “bare-bones” template. There is an option to view both templates if you’d like to look at them before importing the content into your course.

Options to import a CIDI template in Canvas

For fully online courses, the visual template will be the best option to ensure you are meeting the requirements of a fully online course.

Modify the template contents 

A template contains placeholder text, assignments, and pages. Once you have imported a template, it is important that you

  1. Add your own files, descriptions, multimedia, and other content.
  2. Replace text and image placeholders with your own text and images.
  3. Delete or unpublish the items you will not use.

Visual Template Basics

Bare Bones Template Basics

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