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The Blended Teaching Method

blended class is one in which synchronous meetings occur, but less frequently than usual because more content is placed online for asynchronous access. This is a teaching method that can be used in multiple teaching formats, including web broadcast, traditional face-to-face, IVC, or hybrid face-to-face.

Hybrid face-to-face classes in which face-to-face sessions cannot be reasonably shared with remote students may, of necessity, need to take a blended approach. This may apply to labs and similar types of classes.

Blended learning requires careful planning and communication with students. If you plan to use a blended teaching method, please consult with CIDI for advice. Note that you can find much in the way of research and best practices for blended learning online.

Teachers who choose to systematically reduce the number of scheduled class times in favor of more asynchronous content should make their department schedulers and students aware in advance.