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Access Supported Technologies

The following tools are supported by USU for remote course delivery:

CIDI also assists instructors with various publisher content, including but not limited to:
  • MyEducator, Pearson, McGraw Hill, Mamillan, Cengage, Hawks, LabFlow, and more.

Use Canvas Templates

CIDI has developed two templates to help you organize your course materials and provide a consistent experience for students across USU. Before you add any content to your new Canvas course, look for the option to import a course template at the top of the course home page page. Currently, there are two templates to choose from: a robust “visual” template and a more simplified “bare-bones” template. There is an option to view both templates if you’d like to look at them before importing the content into your course.

Image of a Canvas homepage with the Spring 2021 template import button available.

For fully online courses, the visual template will be the best option to ensure you are meeting the requirements of a fully online course. For face-to-face and broadcast courses, the bare bones template might be enough to get you started, depending on how much material you will be placing online. For blended and hybrid courses, you may want to consider the visual template, as you will be relying more on the learning management system to deliver content to students who aren’t meeting with you at designated times.