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Seven steps to building a quiz in Canvas

You can use the Quiz tool to create and administer online quizzes and surveys. Quizzes in Canvas are assignments that you can use to challenge student understanding and assess comprehension of course material. You can also use quizzes to conduct and moderate graded or ungraded exams and assessments. 

Step One - Add the quiz 

This is the initial step in creating a quiz in Canvas. Start by navigating to the Quiz Index page and clicking Addd Quiz

Step 2 - Complete the quiz details

Quiz details include a name for the quiz, the quiz instructions, the quiz type, and the assignment group.

Step 3 - Select the quiz options

Quiz options permit you to customize the quiz to your preferences. You can can select settings such as a time llimit to complete the quiz, shuffling the answers each time the quiz is assessed, allowing multiple attempts and several others. 

Step 4 - Set quiz restrictions (Optional)

Quiz restrictions are optional and used if you want to proctor a quiz.  You can require a code or password to access the quiz. You can also only allow computers with a certain IP address to access the quiz.

Step 5 - Assign the quiz and set the deadlines

You must assign the quiz before students can assess it. You can assign the quiz to everyone in the class, a specific section, or an individual student. You can set the quiz dates such as when the quiz is due and a date or date range when the quiz is available for students to take.

Step 6 - Create the questions

Questions are the "meat" of the quiz. In this step, you can create the questions individually or add a question group. (The question group must be created beforehand.)
For details on creating questions, see the following articles from the Canvas Instructor Guide:
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Step 7 - Save and publish the quiz

When you are finished, click Save to save it to Canvas. Once the quiz is saved, you can use the Preview button to view the quiz as the students will see it. When you are satisfied that the quiz is ready, you must publish it to make it available to your students.