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Home Page

The course Home page is the first page that students see when they click on "Home" in their course navigation. As an instructor, you can decide what you want students to see on the Home page. This home page, from an actual course at USU, is an example of an attractive and effective format. However, there are many good approaches for your course home page. 
sample home pageThe following list provides a few suggestions for using the Home Page:

  • Use the Home page to introduce yourself and the course to students (with a custom page that you design).
  • Use the Home page to direct your stdents to the most important resources they will need to be successful in your course.
  • Use the Home page to remind students of their upcoming assignments.
  • Use the Home page to outline on a weekly basis what you will be covering in class and how they can prepare.
  • Set the Home page as a course activity stream so that you and your students can see the most recent announcements and discussions in your course.

To set the Home page

  1. On the Course Navigation menu, click Home.
  2. Click Choose Home Page.

    Select Home page
  3. In the Choose Home Page dialog box, select what to display on the Home page.

    Choose Home Page
  4. Click Save.