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Create a Discussion 

Discussions are tasks that you give your students to challenge their understanding, give them practice, and help assess competency. 

You can choose to create graded or ungraded discussions. Canvas classifies graded discussions as an assignment type and displays them on both the Discussions Index page and the Assignments Index page.

Canvas does not classify ungraded discussions as an assignment type, and it only displays them on the Discussion Index page. 

To create a discussion

  1. On the Course Navigation menu, Discussions.
  2. On the Discussions page, click + Discussion.
  3. In the Topic Title box, add a title for the discussion.
  4. In the text box, introduce the discussion topic and provide your instructions.
  5. (Optional) Click Choose File and select an attachment. 
  6. (Optiona) In the Options list, select any options that you want.
  7. (Optional) select This is a Group Discussion to assign the discussion to a specific group.
  8. In the Available From and Until boxes, set the availablity dates.
  9. Click Save.