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Ally Course Accessibility Tool

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Ally is a tool currently available on request for any Canvas course to help make your course material more accessible. Ally automatically makes some content more accessible and usable for all students and provides helpful feedback to instructors.

Contact or 435-797-5535 to add Ally to your course or with any questions. 

Helps for Faculty

Ally provides a number of tools to help faculty make their course more accessible. The primary focus of Ally is currently course files, but it will soon support all content in Canvas. For every file in your Canvas course Ally adds a small graphic indicating how accessible the file is. If you click on that file it will gie you feedback on how you can improve the accessibility of the file.

More Information for Faculty

Helps for Students

Making your content more accessibility can have tremendous benefits for all students. One of the features that Ally provides is automatically converting all of your files into formats that can be used by everyone. For example, using Ally students can download a PDF file as an audio file to listen to on their phones. Many students will benefit from the formats provided by Ally.

More Information for Students