Version 6 documentation

Please use i>Clicker 7.4.2 and higher from our Box share

Visit https://usu.box.com/iclicker to download the USU specific version of i>Clicker.

REEF Polling by i>Clicker has replaced i>Clicker GO as the mobile polling addition to i>Clicker.

i>Clicker is a student response system that allows faculty to run live polls in their face-to-face and broadcast courses. You can always download the latest version of the i>Clicker software from our Box share. If you plan to use REEF Polling, you can enable REEF Polling via the REEF Polling tab in the course settings. NOTE: REEF Polling will only work with i>Clicker 7.4.2 and higher, please visit our Box share to download the latest USU specific software.

If you wish to enable REEF Polling, refer to the REEF Polling Instructor Tutorial and if you still have questions, contact CIDI at 435.797.9506.

i>Clicker is a student response system that allows faculty to run live polls in their face-to-face and broadcast courses.

  1. Students come to class with an i>Clicker remote, typically purchased through the USU bookstore.
  2. The instructor presents multiple-choice polls (with advanced options for numeric and alphanumeric questions) throughout his or her presentation or discussion session. Students use their remotes to click in their responses.
  3. Student responses are captured by a base station located in the classroom and are saved onto the instructor’s flash disk. The instructor can display and review the results of the poll in class.
  4. The instructor can then review and optionally grade responses after class. Grades can be exported to a spreadsheet and imported into Canvas.
  1. Contact the USU Bookstore before the materials request deadline and let them know you will be using i>Clicker so they can order remotes for students to purchase in advance.
  2. Include information in your syllabus about i>Clicker, informing students how to purchase and register a clicker and setting expectations for how i>Clicker performance will be assessed.
  3. Contact CIDI at 435.797.9506 and arrange to pick up an instructor remote and any necessary training.
  4. Check the classroom in which you will be teaching to make sure an i>Clicker base unit is present. Most large classrooms now have one. If one is not present, let Classroom Serivces or CIDI know.
  5. Download and unzip the i>Clicker software (see the links above) to a flash disk that you will use in your class. It will unzip as a folder, which will contain all of the software files and data folders you will need.
  6. Go into the i>Clicker folder and open the iclicker.exe (Windows) or i>Clicker.app (Mac) file. Follow the directions to create a new course.
  7. Choose the new course and then click the My Settings button. If you will be using i>Clicker with Canvas, go to the Gradebook tab and click the Select Course button. You will be prompted to enter your A-number and password to login to Canvas. When prompted to allow i>Clicker access to Canvas, click the Log In button. Locate the course you want to use i>Clicker in and click the Select button. Click the Save button to finish.
  8. Take your flash disk to your first class and run a session in i>Clicker. Encourage students who have not registered their clickers online to do so.
  1. Be sure you are using the USU specific i>Clicker version, if not Download it from the links above.
  2. Select your Course in i>Clicker and click the Open Gradebook button.
  3. Click the Sync Roster button and wait for the process to finish.

You can periodically click the Sync Roster button to get the latest roster from Canvas.

  1. After your session, go to the i>Clicker folder and open iclicker.exe (Windows) or i>Clicker.app (Mac).
  2. Click the Open Gradebook button.
  3. Click the View link on the column representing the session you wish to grade to open up the Session Summary window.
  4. For more information, see Part 4 of the i>Clicker User Guide
  1. Open the Gradebook and click the Sync Scores button.
  2. Select the sessions you want synced by checking the box next to the Session Title and click the next button.
  3. Choose how you would like your sessions to be uploaded to Canvas including how you want your points to be handled.
  4. Click the Upload button and wait for the process to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

New i>Clicker remotes cost $55.95 at the USU Bookstore. They can also be purchased used but the student will be charged a $6.99 remote registration fee by i>Clicker to cover the costs of supporting used devices. New remotes purchased from the Bookstore include a 180-day access code for REEF Polling. If you have enabled REEF Polling your students can try REEF Polling for 14 days before they have to enter an access code.

Yes. They can use a remote for any course that uses i>Clicker for the rest of their college career at USU or elsewhere. They can also share remotes with other students, as long as they are not taking the same course as the person they are sharing with.

Please Note: Whoever purchased the remote should register first and will not have to pay a fee. The second registration will be charged the remote registration fee of $6.99.

The custom USU i>Clicker software allows your students to register their remotes directly from your Canvas course. To enable this feature click the Settings link from the left-hand navigation of your course. Click the Navigation tab then scroll to the bottom of the navigation items and drag the i>Clicker Registration link to the enabled navigation items and click the Save button. Your students can now register their remotes directly from the course by entering their remote ID, all other information is automatically populated.

Alternativly, students can register their remotes at www.iclicker.com by clicking the large Register link. The registration process is simple and straightforward. Students are asked for their first name, last name, student ID (or A#) and remote ID (located on the back of their i>Clicker).

Registering a clicker remote associates that remotes clicker ID with the student’s student A-number. Without that association, the student could not easily have points for their responses associated with their A number for syncing to Canvas.

i>Clicker works independent of any software program or other medium you may use to present poll questions to your class. It will take a screenshot of your screen when you finish a poll to help you remember what question you were asking when you go to grade a session after it is finished.

Because i>Clicker is used in many classes around campus, including the Connections classes for incoming freshmen, many faculty find that their students already have clicker remotes purchased for other classes.

The i>Clicker website provides some excellent, detailed user guides and quick-start guides that should answer most of your questions getting started with the software and hardware.

Visit i>Clicker userguides for a full list of available documents.