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What is Blended Learning?

Utah State University implemented a course delivery method called, “Blended.” The Blended format definition is:

The course is taught both in-person/IVC and via Online. The online (asynchronous) components reduces the time traditionally spent in the In-person or IVC setting.
Participation is between 21 and 79 percent online (asynchronous) with the remainder being In-person or IVC (synchronous).

For part of the implementation process we developed a checklist for faculty who wanted to teach a blended course. The checklist promoted the following:
  • Communication between the faculty member, department head (Campus administrator), department (Campus) scheduler, and the Registrar’s Office;
  • Encouraged the faculty member to seek assistance from the Center for Innovative Design and Instruction (CIDI) in developing a Blended course using best practices, resources and proven instructional techniques (also to ensure that accreditation standards are met);
  • Provided for the course to be designated in Banner as “Blended” so students know at the time of registration (FYI - we are continuing to perfect how a Blended course appears in Banner).

How Can I Blend My Course?

An online application/checklist for faculty members who wish to teach a course as Blended is available. Once complete, the electronic form will automatically be sent to CIDI (for instructional design support follow-up as well as the Campus Scheduler – Registrar’s Office for traditional courses and AIS for IVC courses). The instructor is asked to seek Department Head (and Regional Campus Dean) approval before developing and offering a Blended course.