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Analytics for Teaching and Learning

Example data visualizations that can be created for faculty in the promotion and tenure review process, to document teaching and learning. Please contact Meghan Lewis ( to learn more.

Example of analytics using Canvas course data

Course Workload

A summary of the course assignments, including due dates and assignment weights as a percentage of the final grade.

Course Content

A list of all content in the course and the average number of times that students viewed each item during the semester.

Student Overview

The total number of enrolled students and a breakdown of their final course grades.

Student Performance

The average performance on assigned items in the course, including assignment scores, completion rates of assignments, and the time of submission in relation to the due date.

Student Access

A summary of course access, such as total number of days accessed during the semester, the number of views per content type, and the time of the week that students submitted assignments.

Instructor Interactions

A timeline of the instructor’s interactions with students in Canvas, including course-wide interactions such as announcements, and individual interactions like comments on assignment submissions.

Assignment Grading

A summary of an instructor’s grading patterns in the course. This includes the length of time between when an assignment was submitted and when it was graded, and what percentage of assignments have feedback from the instructor.