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Canvas Course Accessibility

Keyboard with accessibility buttonAccessibility is important part of all courses that we provide at Utah State and ensures our courses are accessible and usable for all students. There are a variety of tools and resources available to help you make your course materials accessible.

Getting Started with Accessibility

It is important to remember that accessibility is a journey rather than a destination. There are a number of quick and easy things you can do when getting started that can make a big difference.

The Getting Started with Accessibility page from the USU Accessibility website provides some good resources if you are new to accessibility. More resources will be coming soon on making your Canvas pages, PDF documents, PowerPoint files, and videos accessible.

USU Canvas Accessibility Tools

Ally Accessibility Checker

The Ally Tool provides feedback on your course material and automatically creates alternate formats for students.

Learn More about Ally

File Cleanup Too

Over time your Canvas course can accrue unnecessary files and it can be difficult to know which ones are still relevant to focus your efforts on. The File Cleanup Tool helps you identify and delete unnecessary files in your courses.

Learn More about the File Cleanup Tool

Quiz Extension Tool

On occasion you may have a student who requires extra time on their tests as an accommodation. The Quiz Extension tool lets you extend time for multiple students and multiple quizzes at a time.

How to Use the Quiz Extension Tool

Canvas Accessibility Checker

Canvas has a built-in Accessibility Checker that you can use to check your Canvas page content.

Use the Canvas Accessibility Checker

Upcoming Workshops

Usable and Accessible Course Design

Tuesday, Oct 30th 12:00PM
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If you have questions about accessibility please contact Christopher Phillips at or 435-797-5535.

Additional Resources