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Sync REEF Poll Results to Canvas

If you have created a REEF association link to your Canvas course, you can sync the polling results from the REEF application to your Canvas Gradebook. For instructions on creating the assocation link, see the help topic, "Create a REEF Assocation  link in Canvas." When REEF syncs scores to Canvas, it keeps a running total of each session and calculates the percentage of total points versus possible points. When it adds the scores to canvas, it calculates the score by multiplying the percentage from the Total % column by the points assigned to the REEF Polling assignments in Canvas. 

EXAMPLE: Halfway through the term, an instructor has run 20 polling sessions worth a total of 160 points. In their LMS, the instructor defined the REEF Polling grade item to be worth 50 points for their course. A student with a REEF Polling score of 120 points will show an LMS score of 37.5 points when synching scores.

REEF: (120 pts earned) / (160 pts possible) = 0.75

LMS:   (0.75)(50 pts possible) = 37.5 pts earned

 To sync REEF Poll results

  1. Start the REEF application and sign in.
  2. Select the course, and then click the Roster tab.

    Roster Dashboard
  3. Click Sync Scores to LMS.