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Start a Reef polling session

IMPORTANT: You must have your presentation software open and on the first question before you begin the session. Otherwise, REEF displays whatever happens to be on your screen.

To start the polling session

  1. Start the REEF Polling application and sign in.
  2. Select your course and start a polling session.
  3. Instruct students to sign in, choose your course, and join the current session.
  4. Start your presentation software (such as PowerPoint) and advance to the first question.
  5. On the Master Polling toolbar, click Pollling.

    master polling toolbar
  6. On the Polling toolbar, select the type of question, and then click the Right-Arrow to start the poll.

    select question type
  7. Click the Right-Arrow to start the poll.

    Start Arrow
  8. Students respond.
  9. End polling.
  10. Repeat Steps 4-6 for each question.
  11. (Optional) Grade and display the results.
  12. End the session.

You can display the correct answer to question after you have ended the polling for that question. Alternately, you can present all the the questions and then grade and display the answers to the questions (This is the method used in these instructions).

However, you cannot display the poll answers after the polling session has ended.Once the session has ended, students will have to wait until you grade the results. REEF will then  display the poll results on the Session History page.