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Create a Course in REEF Polling

As an instructor, you can create a course in REEF so  your students can respond to your REEF quizzes and polls. Your REEF Polling course name should be the same as your Canvas course.

  1. Open REEF and sign in to your account.
  2. Click Create a Course.

    Create a course in reef polling
  3. On the Create Course page, complete the course information form, and then click Create.

    Course information window

REEF creates the course. An i>clicker icon appears next to the Start Session button if you have a base station attached to your computer.

Reef Course Demo page

The left sidebar lists courses that you have created. The main window displays the details of the selected course.

Management options are displayed in the lower-left corner. They include the following:

  • Add (+) - Create a new course.
  • Delete - Delete a course.
  • Settings (gear) - Edit course information and settings.