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Panopto is a lecture capture solution available in some of the classrooms at Utah State University. In classrooms with a Panopto recorder, you will be able to capture your lecture in the classroom and upload it to Canvas seamlessly. You can record a PowerPoint, your screen, or yourself, and have an archived session stored in Canvas for your students to review later.

Benefits for Instructors

Archiving: Because Panopto is integrated with Canvas, you don't need to worry about uploading videos or sending out links to your students. When you start a recording in Panopto, you choose to add the archive to your course folder in Panopto, and Panopto uploads the video as you are recording so within minutes of finishing your lecture, the archive is uploaded to your course and available for students. 

Webcasting: With the click of a button you have the ability to broadcast a live feed of your lecture to students so they can take notes in real time that are time-stamped to make studying easier.

Benefits for Students

Note-taking: Each student can take their own notes while they are watching your lecture. The notes they take are time-stamped, so when students review their notes later, they will automatically be taken to the point in the lecture that their notes are associated with. 

Search: Students can search your lecture by keyword. If they are trying to find a specific slide in your PowerPoint presentation, they just need to type a keyword into the search bar, and Panopto locates that word in your presentation. This helps students to focus their studying without wasting a lot of time.


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