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Record a lecture in Panopto

Panopto is the lecture capture solution that is currently used in some of the classrooms at Utah State University. In classrooms with a Panopto recorder, you can capture your lecture in the classroom and upload it to your Canvas course. You can record a PowerPoint, your screen, or yourself and have an archived session stored in Canvas for your students to review later.

Before you can record a lecture, you must add the Panopto link to the navigation menu in your Canvas course. For instructions, see Add Panopto to Canvas.

To record a lecture

    1. Log on to your Canvas course.
    2. On the course navigation menu, click Panopto.
    3. On the Panopto page, click Create > Record a new Session. If prompted, click Launch Recorder.
      Create new recording
    4. Click the Session Folder icon to open the session list. 
      Session Folder Icon
    5. In the Session list, select the course, and then click Add New Session.
      add new session
    6. Select the Primary and Secondary capture sources.
    7. Click Record.
    8. Click Stop when you are finished recording.
Panopto processes the recording and uploads it to your Canvas course.