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Record a Presentation on Your Computer


You can use the Kaltura CaptureSpace tool to record a presentation on your computer and make it available in your Canvas course.

To record a presentation from your computer, follow these steps

  1. If you have not already done so, enable My Media in the course.
  2. In Canvas, on the Course Navigation menu, click My Media.
  3. On the My Media page, click Add New, and the click CaptureSpace.
    Add new Media menu
  4. The first time you select this option, you will be prompted to download and install the CaptureSpace Desktop recorder. Download the version appropriate for your computer (Windows or Mac) and go through the installation process.
    Using CaptureSpace for the first time
  5. Close the Embed Media window (agree when asked if you really want to do so) and repeat Step 2.
  6. The browser will then prompt you to open CaptureSpace. Click Open Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder.

    Open desktop recorder(You can check the "Always open these type of links in the associated app" box to avoid this dialog in the future.)

  7. In the Desktop Recorder app, select Presentations & Lectures to capture your webcam, mic, and screen, or Screen to capture your screen and mic.

    desktop recorder
  8. Follow the application prompts to record your presentation, trim, and save it. Uploading the video adds it to your My Media page in the Canvas course. Saving the video saves it to your computer. You can access your recordings from the Library tab on Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop recorder.

    Note: The maximum length of a recording is 120 minutes.

    Upload Options
  9. Close the desktop recorder (Agree when asked in you really want to do so.)

Upload a video using CaptureSpace

Uploading the video adds it to your My Media repository. 

You can upload it immediately after you finish recording it. You have to either upload it to My Media or save it on your local hard drive. 

Note: CaptureSpace deletes the video from your local computer after you upload it to My Media. You can change this in the Settings tab by clearing the Media Upload check box.

To upload the video using CaptureSpace

  1. In the Upload Options box, click Upload.
    Upload options
    CaptureSpace displays the progress of the upload.
    Upload progress indicator
  2. In the Upload Success box, click Close.
    upload success
  3. Click Ok when asked if you really want to exit CaptureSpace.

Save a video


Saving the video adds it to your local hard drive. You can access your recordings from the Library tab on Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop recorder. 

After you have finished recording a video, save the video as follows.

  1. In the Upload Options box, click Save.
    save icon in capturespace
    CaptureSpace saves it on your local hard drive.


Open a saved video

You can open a saved video using the Library tab on the desktop recorder. (You can also open a saved video from your computer's file browser.)

  1. On the Windows Start menu, click Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder.
  2. In the recorder, click the Library tab.
    CaptureSpace Library tab
  3. Hover over the recording that you want. You have the options to preview the video or delete it. Previewing the recording just takes you back to the Upload box, so really you can only upload it or delete it.
    Edit or save a recording