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Configure Kaltura CaptureSpace settings 


You can configure the settings for the CaptureSpace Recorder to suit your preferences.

CaptureSpace Configuration SettingsLocal Media Files Storage
This setting determines where CaptureSpace stores the videos on your local computer. Click Browse to change the directory.
Select a WebCam
If you have more than one WebCam on your computer, use this setting to select the Webcam that CaptureSpace will use. You can also select the resolution.
Recording Option
Select Slow PC Setting to optimize the recording on a slower computer. You can also select the resolution of the screen capture.
Select a Microphone
If you have more than one microphone, use this setting to select which microphone to use.
Media Upload
If you want to keep a copy of the video on your local computer after uploading it to My Media, clear this setting. However, even if the video is deleted after uploading, you can always just download it from your My Media repository.