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iClicker is a student response system that allows faculty to run live polls in their face-to-face and broadcast courses. You can download the USU specific version of iClicker from our Box share at Version 7.19 is the most recent version as of July 2018 and is required to allow for students using a mobile device. You can always download the latest version of the iClicker software from our Box share. Students can participate with their mobile devices, laptops, or an iClicker remote.

How iClicker Works

i>clicker workflow process
  1. Students come to class with a mobile device, laptop, or an iClicker remote. (Remotes may be purchased through the USU Campus Store. Information about the mobile device and laptop app is can be found at
  2. The instructor presents multiple-choice polls (with advanced options for numeric and alphanumeric questions) throughout his or her presentation or discussion session. Students use their devices, laptops, or remotes to click in their responses.
  3. Student responses are captured by a base station located in the classroom and are saved onto the instructor's flash drive. The instructor can display and review the results of the poll in class.
  4. The instructor can mark a specific answer as correct. Grades can be exported to a spreadsheet and imported into Canvas.


  • Tyler Clair
  • Amy Carpenter
  • Neal Legler