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Get Started with i>Clicker

  1. Contact the USU Bookstore before the materials request deadline and let them know you will be using i>Clicker so they can order remotes for students to purchase in advance.
  2. Include information in your syllabus about i>Clicker, informing students how to purchase and register a clicker and setting expectations for how i>Clicker performance will be assessed.
  3. Contact CIDI at 435.797.9506 and arrange to pick up an instructor remote and any necessary training.
  4. Check the classroom in which you will be teaching to make sure an i>Clicker base unit is present. Most large classrooms now have one. If one is not present, let CIDI know.
  5. Download and unzip the i>Clicker software (see the links above) to a flash disk that you will use in your class. It will unzip as a folder, which will contain all of the software files and data folders you will need.
  6. Go into the i>Clicker folder and open the iclicker.exe (Windows) or i> (Mac) file. Follow the directions to create a new course.
  7. Choose the new course and then click the My Settings button. If you will be using i>Clicker with Canvas, go to the CMS/Registration tab and select Canvas as your course management system. Choose the Set for Course option.
  8. Take your flash disk to your first class and run a session in i>Clicker. Encourage students who have not registered their clickers online to do so.