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i>Clicker Frequently Asked Questions

New i>Clicker remotes cost about $45 at the USU Bookstore. They can also be purchased used.

Yes. They can use a remote for any course that uses i>Clicker for the rest of their college career at USU or elsewhere. They can also share remotes with other students, as long as they are not taking the same course as the person they are sharing with.

Students can register their remotes at by clicking the large Register link. The registration process is simple and straightforward. Students are asked for their first name, last name, student ID (or A#) and remote ID (located on the back of their i>Clicker).

Registering a clicker remote associates that remotes clicker ID with the student’s student A-number. Without that association, the student could not easily have points for their responses associated with their A number for import into Blackboard.

i>Clicker works independent of any software program or other medium you may use to present poll questions to your class. It will take a screenshot of your screen when you finish a poll to help you remember what question you were asking when you go to grade a session after it is finished.

Because i>Clicker is used in many classes around campus, including the Connections classes for incoming freshmen, many faculty find that their students already have clicker remotes purchased for other classes.

The i>Clicker website provides some excellent, detailed user guides and quick-start guides that should answer most of your questions getting started with the software and hardware.

Visit i>Clicker userguides for a full list of available documents.