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File Cleanup Tool

If you are interested in cleaning up your Canvas files or have been asked to identify which files are no longer used, the File Cleanup tool can help you out. Canvas makes it easier to keep files in your course, including duplicates and old files that are no longer relevant. The File Cleanup Tool helps you quickly identify and delete old, irrelevant files in your course to make the files section of your course easier to manage and more usable and accessible.

Adding the File Cleanup Tool to Your Course

The File Cleanup tool is available by request, contact an Instructional Designer at CIDI to enable it for your course. Once enabled, you will see "File Cleanup" in the course navigation, only visible to you as the instructor. 

Using the File Cleanup Tool

The tool shows a list of every file in the Files section of your course and indicates whether or not there is a link to that file in your course content. From there you can use the tool to select all unused files or individual and click "Delete Selected Files" to delete those files from your course. The tool also includes instructions for using the tool. 

Notes on Using the Tool

  • Files that are linked to from your course content are labeled "YES" under the "In Use" column of the table, files that do not have a link from your course content are labeled "No".
  • You can click on the name of any file to preview or download that file.
  • Use the search dialog to find a specific file.
  • If you accidentally delete a file, no problem - we can help you recover it. 

Considerations Using the Tool

The File Cleanup Tool currently checks for links to your files from Course Pages, Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Modules and Quizzes. However, it does not check for links from your Syllabus, Outcomes, Rubrics, Conferences, Calendar, or Quiz Question Answer Submissions. If you use any of those you may need to review those files outside of the tool. 

In addition, the tool only checks for files that you link to directly from Canvas. If  you have a document that links to another document then you will need to review those outside of the tool as well.  Remember, we can help you recover any files that are accidentally deleted! 

Helps with Accessibility

Cleaning up unused files can be especially important when you have a student with a documented disability in your course where all files must be made accessible. 


Please contact the Center for Innovative Design and Instruction at 435.797.9506 or with any questions or for help walking you through the process.