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Ally for Students - Course Content Your Way

There is a new feature now available on canvas courses that will allow you to download course content in your preferred format. For example, if your course has a PDF file that is hard to read on your phone you can download it as an audio or ePub file and read it on the go. 

Finding the Alternative Formats

In Canvas most files have a drop down menu where you can download the file. Now, wherever you see the download option there is also an option to download accessible versions of that file: 

Ally dialog highlighting the accessible versions available in the download link

When you click on "Accessible Versions" you will see a dialog with all of the formats that content is available for you to download:

Ally dialog of available accesssible formats to download

Available formats include:

  • An audio version of the text,
  • As ePub file to read on your Kindle,
  • An HTML you can read in your browser,
  • An accessible PDF that you can copy text from,
  • An electronic braille file.

Once you select your desired format and click "Download" it may take a minute or two for the file to be ready for download (depending on the size of the file). If you need to download multiple files consider opening up multiple tabs so you don't have to wait for each one. If you have any problems you can email

If you would like more information about using the tool this Quick Start Guide for Students may be helpful.  You can view additional documentation on the Ally site.