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Ally for Instructors - Using Ally to Improve your Course

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When Ally is enabled for your course, there are a few things to be aware of to help you use the tool and some resources that can help you improve your course content to be more accessible and more usable!

Using Ally to Improve your Content

Currently the focus of Ally is to help you improve the accessibility and usability of course files such as images, PDF files, Word and PowerPoint presentations. Wherever a file is present Ally will add an indicator to show how accessible the file is. You can click on the Ally indicator to get more information about any problems and how to fix them. When you get started with Ally it is important to remember that improving accessibility is a journey and that even small changes can make a big difference.

While there are instructions within the tool, we want you to know that there are also resources on campus to help you - if you have questions with any error in Ally or would like some help in making your content more accessible, contact or 435-797-5535. This Quick Start Guide is a great place for more information on getting started.

Benefits for Students

First of all, know that without you doing anything Ally automatically provides your students with alternate formats to view your content. For example, anywhere there is an option to download a file, Ally will make that file in available as:

  • An audio file they can download and listen to on the go,
  • As ePub, HTML or more accessible PDF file.
  • An electronic braille file

Ally attempts to make will do its best to make your files more usable, however if your files are not readable then it can only do so much to convert them to other formats. Read below to learn how to make sure your files are more accessible and usable for everyone.

Learn more about the student experience.

Accessible PDF Files

While it is possible to create a PDF file is accessible, it can be difficult to take an existing PDF file from another source and make it accessible. Ally does provide some guidance on creating more accessible PDF files, but please know that there are resources available to help you make your PDF content more accessible. Some options may include:

  1. Finding a more accessible version of the file.
  2. Converting your PDF content to more user-friendly Canvas pages.

Additional Resources for Instructors