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Share Your Microphone (Audio in Meetings)


Enable microphone for participants using computers

By default, only hosts and presenters can broadcast audio using their microphones. However, hosts can enable participants to broadcast by doing any of the following:

  • To enable audio for all participants, choose Audio > Microphone Rights For Participants.
    Mic Rights for participants.png
  • The microphone Microphone Enabled.png icon displays for all participants in the Attendees pod.
  • To enable audio for specific participants, select one or more in the Attendees pod. Then choose Enable Audio from the pop-up menu.

    Enable video for participant.png
    The microphone Microphone Enabled.png icon displays next to the participant in the Attendees pod.
    tip_help.png Using the same pop-up menu, hosts can later disable audio for specific attendees, reducing background noise. 

Allow only one speaker to use the microphone at a time

Hosts can avoid overlapping conversations by doing the following:

  • Choose Audio > Enable Single Speaker Mode.
    Enable Single Speaker Mode.png

An asterisk appears next to the microphone button single speaker mode.png in the main menu bar. When one speaker clicks the button, it turns green Active Single Speaker Mode.png, and it’s disabled for other users until the current speaker clicks the button again.

Adjust or mute audio volume

Each attendee can customize audio volume on their system.

  • In the main menu bar, select any of the following from the speaker Speaker On.png menu triangle_down.png:
    Mute My Speakers Entirely disables or enables audio. (Click the speaker icon to quickly toggle this option.)
    Mute Conference Audio Only Retains any audio playing in the Share pod.
    Adjust Speaker Volume Displays a slider attendees drag to customize volume.


Quickly optimize settings with the Audio Setup Wizard

  1. Select Meeting > Audio Setup Wizard.
    Audio Setup Wizard.png
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions to optimize audio quality. If a dialog box appears requesting access to your camera and microphone, click Allow.