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Share a Presentation

As a host or presenter, you can share the following PowerPoint presentation types from your computer: PPT, PPTX.

Upload a Presentation

  1. Do one of the following:
      • In an empty Share pod, click the pop-up menu in the center, and select Share Document.

        Share Document button menu.png
      • In the upper-right corner of the Share pod, click the menu icon, and choose Share > Document.

    Share Document pod menu.png
  2. Click the Browse my Computer button.Browse My Computer button.png
  3. Locate the PowerPoint you would like to share and select it.
  4. Click the Select button to start uploading your PowerPoint to your meeting room.
    Note: Large or complex PowerPoints will take time to convert to the Adobe Presenter format for display so you may want to upload large PowerPoints before the start of the meeting.

Moving between slides and slide content

Many of the slide transitions and animations are preserved during the PowerPoint import process. These events will run when the next and previous buttons are clicked.
You can advance through the PowerPoint by using the Previous and Next buttons.

  1. Do any of the following:
    • Click the Previous and Next buttons to move through your Presentation or individual slides.
      Previous and Next Buttons.png
    • Use the Left and Right arrow keys on the keyboard just as you would the Previous and Next Buttons.
    • Use the Side Bar to navigate to a specific slide within the Presentation.

Show the Side Bar

The Side Bar allows you to easily skip to any slide within your presentation. It also contains any notes if they have been added to slides. The Search function allows you to find keywords within your presentation.

  • To display the Side Bar click the Show Slide Bar icon in at the bottom of the Share window.

Use the Presentation Outline tab

Most presentations have an Outline tab on the sidebar. The Outline tab lists the title and duration of each slide. You can use the Outline tab to display information and to move to a specific slide in the presentation. The current slide is highlighted with a glow color, which you can change in the theme. You can choose to display the highlight outline to all attendees or to hosts and presenters only.

  1. Click the Outline tab in the sidebar at the right.
    Sidebar Outline Tab.png
  2. To move to a slide in the presentation, click its title in the Outline tab.
  3. To show the full slide title, move the pointer over the title.

View Presentation slide notes

When creating a presentation in PowerPoint, you can enter notes for individual slides. If any slide notes exist, they can be displayed in the presentation. Slide notes appear on the right side of the presentation window. You cannot change the size of the slide Notes tab.

Note: Only the host and presenter will be able to see the Side Bar unless it is allowed by checking the Show the Side Bar to Participants option at the bottom of the Side Bar.

Click the Notes tab in the sidebar on the right side.The complete notes text is displayed. The text is unformatted and cannot be edited directly on the tab.Side Bar Notes.png

Search for text in a presentation

  1. Click the Search tab in the sidebar on the right side.
  2. Type the text to search for directly into the text box.
  3. Click Search
  4. Search results are displayed below the text box. Click any slide title in the results list to display that slide.

    Side Bar Search.png