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View Participant Status

View attendee status

  • In the Attendees pod, do either of the following:
  • To view statuses grouped by hosts, presenters, and participants, click the Attendee View button Atendee View Button.
  • To view groups of attendees who share a status (such as Disagree), click the Attendee Status View button Atendee view status button.
Attendee status Icon Duration
Raise Hand raiseHand.png Remains displayed until attendee or host clears
Agree agree.png Remains displayed until attendee or host clears
Disagree disagree.png Remains displayed until attendee or host clears
Step Away stepAway.png Remains displayed until attendee clears
Speak Louder speakLouder.png 10 seconds
Speak Softer speakSofter.png 10 seconds
Speed Up speedUp.png 10 seconds
Slow Down slowDown.png 10 seconds
Laughter laugh.png 10 seconds
Applause applause.png 10 seconds

Clear a participant’s status (host)

  1. In the Attendees pod, select one or more participant names.
  2. In the main menu, click the triangle triangle_down.png to the right of the status button, and choose Clear Status.

Clear everyone’s status (host)

  • From the Attendees pod menu Pod Options.png, choose Clear Everyone’s Status.

Disable hand raising or change notification duration

  1. Choose Meeting > Preferences.
  2. In the list on the left, click Attendees Pod. Then do either of the following:
    • Select Disable Raise Hand.
    • Choose a notification duration from the pop-up menu. Select Persist In Screen Share if you want notifications to remain visible during screen sharing until a host closes them.