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Modify Participants

You can add or remove participants or change the role of a user.

Participants list
Paticipant roles include the following:

  • Participant: Participants are able to view the presentation or take part in the meeting. Participants can communicate using a microphone or by sharing a webcam if they have the proper permissions.
  • Presenter: Presenters are able to show a presentation or conduct a meeting.
  • Host: Hosts can control all aspects a meeting room including presenting or conduct a meeting.

The Canvas to Abode Connect mapping is as follows: Teacher=Host TA=Presenter Designer=Presenter Student=Participant Observer=Participant.

To add a participant

  • In the Canvas Available Users list, click the user, and then click Add. The list displays a red dot next to users who are not Adobe Connect participants. 

    Canvas available users list
To remove a participant
  • In the Adobe Connect Participants list, click the participant, and then click Remove.

    Remove participant
To change a participant's role

  1. In the Adobe connect Participants list, select the user, and then click Set User Role.
  2. In the Set User Role, list select the new role for the participant.

    Set user role