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Install the Adobe Connect Add-in

The Adobe Connect Meeting Add-in is required to share your screen in an Adobe Connect meeting. All other functions of Adobe Connect run through the Adobe Flash Player installed in your browser. Please ensure that you have the most recent version of Flash installed to ensure that Adobe Connect functions properly. To install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player vist:

Note: the Add-in is not required to be a host, presenter, or participant in a meeting. If you wish to share your screen, you will need the Add-in.

Download and Install the Connect Meeting Add-in

The Add-in can be installed in two ways. First, it can be automatically installed during a meeting via lightening download (you will be prompted to accpt the download upon attempting to screen share or use funtionality that requires the Add-in). This is the most command way to install the Add-in. Alternatively, you can install it manually, from the Help menu, before your meeting.

Lightening download

The lightening download can be initiated by a host or presenter the first time they share their screen or request a participant to share their screen for the first time. Once the initial screen share has been activated the installation process is the same for the host, presenter, and participant. It is also the same process for Windows and Mac.

  1. The Adobe Connect Add-in dialog box will appear, click Yes to install it.
    Adobe Connect Add-In lightening Begin.png
  2. A progress dialog box will appear for a short moment while the Add-in is being downloaded and installed.
    Adobe Connect Add-In lightening Download.png
  3. Your meeting will be relaunched in the Connect Add-in application and you or the participant can proceed with sharing your screen.

Manual Installation

From the Adobe Connect Meeting interface click Help > Downloads.
Help Menu Downloads.png
A website will load in your browser, locate the Adobe Connect Add-In download links from the table of downloads.
downloads screenshot
Select the appropriate download link based on your operating system.

Windows Installation

  1. Select the Install Windows link to download the Add-In setup file.

    Note: If prompted by your web browser to open or save the file select save.

  2. Locate and double click the Setup.exe file you just downloaded.
    Windows add-in setup file.png
  3. Click the Run button on the Open File - Security Warning dialog box that appears
    Windows Security Warning.png
  4. In the Connect Add-in Setup Wizard, click Next to continue.

    Windows Add-in setup next button.png
  5. Click Install to copy the necessary files to your computer.

    Windows Add-in setup install button.png
  6. Click Finish to exit the setup program.

    Windows Add-in setup finish button.png

Mac Installation

  1. Select the Install Macintosh link to download the Add-In setup file.

Note: If prompted by your web browser to open or save the file select save.

  1. Locate the AcrobatConnectAddin.z archive and extract the setup package by double-clicking it.
    Mac Add-in install file.png
  2. Double-click the connectaddin-installer.pkg file to begin the installation process.

    Connect add-in installer package.png
    Note: If prompted to open this package downloaded from the internet, click Open.
  3. Click Continue to begin the Add-in installation process.

    Mac add-in installer continue button.png
  4. Select a destination, usually this will be Macintosh HD.
    Click Continue to proceed with the installation.

    Mac add-in installer destination selection.png
  5. Click Install to begin to copy the necessary files to your computer.
    Note: You may be prompted to enter your username and password to authorize the installation, once entered click the Install Software button to proceed.
  6. Once the installation has completed successfully click Close to exit the installer.

    Mac add-in installer close button.png