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New Canvas UI

The new Canvas User Interface (UI) is an updated interface that is responsive to the device that you are using. On smaller screens, the course navigation menu can be collapsed to allow you to focus on the content. Slight changes have also been made to the default font to make it slightly bigger and more readable.

The New UI includes two main components: the Dashboard and the Global Navigation Menu. The Dashboard [1] defaults to the course view, which provides access and updates in starred courses. The Global Navigation Menu [2] provides quick links to all main Canvas areas and can be accessed from any area in Canvas.

New UI Photo


The Dashboard course view includes a course card for each of your favorite courses with quick links to main course features. The Dashboard includes a sidebar with To Do and Coming Up lists to help manage assignments. Depending on your user role, the sidebar also includes other information and settings as well as a link to view Grades. The Dashboard also supports a recent activity stream, which can be toggled at the top of the Dashboard based on user preference. The recent activity stream shows activity for all your Canvas courses.

Click here to learn more about the Dashboard.

Global Navigation

The Global Navigation Menu provides quick links to all main Canvas content areas. The menu is displayed on the left side of the interface to allow more room for content on smaller resolution devices and displays links to the user's Account, Dashboard, Courses, Groups (if applicable), Calendar, and Inbox. Users can receive help in Canvas by clicking the Help icon located at the bottom of the Global Navigation Menu.

Click here to learn more about the Global Navigation.

Course Navigation

You now have the option to collapse the Course Navigation menu to allow for more room to view content. Simply click the Menu Icon to collapse or reveal the menu.

Course nav img